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Have you had this conversation in your company?: "Our company has grown. We have a mobile field group that is also growing and getting more difficult to manage. Our personnel are spending what could be billable time filling out paper forms. It may take weeks for someone far removed from the Point of Service to enter the data and send an invoice. The handwriting is often hard to read. Data gets entered incorrectly. Resolving disputes has been a problem. Physical storage is getting expensive. Inventory is lost or stolen. Time is wasted that could be spent taking care of our customers".

Cellular, 3G and 4G connectivity is now widespread. Windows Mobile OS and ruggedized Windows Mobile Hand Held Devices are available that can withstand constant use in the field. Software is now available and affordable for all sized companies. Solutions that once cost millions can now be deployed faster and more efficiently at a fraction of the cost. It's time for companies with a mobile workforce to rethink work flow and business process to facilitate future growth and stay competitive and viable in thier industry. Derksen Mobility can develop and deploy a solution,  train your employees and provide ongoing technical support. Let's start a conversation...

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