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Custom Mobile Applications
No Custom Programming

MobileFrame's enterprise mobility system is 100% code-free, eliminating custom programming through an intuitive, user friendly point-and-click desktop, enabling novice computer users to easily create and deploy sophisticated custom mobile applications. With secure Sarbanes-Oxley compliant instant messaging, integrated intelligent networking, prioritized synchronization, remote device control, configuration and management, integrated GPS tracking and mapping, and remote software updates all built-in to one software platform, MobileFrame significantly streamlines mobile application development, deployment, and administration.

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Administer Your Projects & Manage Devices in the Field

MobileFrame provides everything your business needs to ensure your projects run smoothly and drive high returns on investment. With our platform, administrators can set individual client preferences (kiosk mode, full menu control, device lock down), send alerts and messages to mobile workers including receipt acknowledgement, control synchronization schedules, view project results and track field worker efficiency, send messages to mobile workers, automatically update devices in the field, monitor device status (battery life, memory, etc) in the field, and much more.


Remote Device Control


With MobileFrame's Remote Device Control capability, not only can you see exactly what the mobile worker sees on their mobile device, you can actually take control of the device as if it were in your own hands. Now you can troubleshoot any device without having to recall it from the field.




Secure Real-Time Instant Messaging

Proprietary, secure end-to-end instant messaging is built-in to the MobileFrame platform. Using MobileFrame’s instant messaging, office staff can send instant messages to mobile workers and vice versa. In addition, mobile workers can send instant messages to each other. Administrators have full control and authorization over message senders, recipients and message grouping, including full message audit record logs. MobileFrame Instant Messaging operates in both connected and disconnect modes.




Automatically Update Devices in the Field

With MobileFrame, mobile worker's devices can be updated without hassle and device recall becomes a thing of the past. Simply select and attach any update files and on the next synchronization the updates will be sent to the device, activated, and applied. We not only automatically update MobileFrame software in the field, but also other third party and operating system software as well.




GPS Tracking & Mapping

GPS tracking is fully integrated with MobileFrame’s Configurable Mobile ApplicationTM Platform allowing businesses with mobile workforces to recover time and money lost due to operational inefficiencies. GPS tracking will not only improve efficiency, it will take mobile workforce management to new levels by making real-time information available to office staff at the click of a button. Be able to tell customers where your mobile worker is and when he/she will arrive at their location or re-route the nearest vehicle to a high priority site when another vehicle is delayed. Real-time insight into the location and status of your field workers will strengthen your organization allowing quicker response to customer requests and changing conditions in the field.




More than a Shrink-Wrap Application

MobileFrame offers far more than a shrink-wrapped solution or Visual Studio plugin. Create complex mobile applications from scratch in just minutes or import one of our pre-made application templates and custom tailor it to suit your organization's needs. There is no limit to the extent of customization and sophistication available with our solution.




Create Applications and Deploy them to any .NETenabled device

Create a single application and deploy it to any .NET enabled device such as a Pocket PC, Tablet PC, or Laptop without having to compile code for each device-type or re-compile code when the application changes. We handle all the programming complexities so you don't have to.




Ease of Integration

MobileFrame's architecture is designed to integrate easily with existing IT infrastructures, ensuring the highest return on existing network and enterprise system investments. Our Smart ArchitectureTM seamlessly integrates a GUI desktop, any-to-any client server databases, intelligent client device rendering, autonomous network synchronization, remote software updates and automatic device driver recognition into one seamless platform.






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