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Today, computer paper, copy paper, business forms, lavatory hand towels, plastic trash bags, plastic packaging material, and label liners are commonplace in the business world. All are recyclable when you partner with the H. Derksen recycling team. Our goal is to collect and recycle these products for your company, returning to you a residual dollar value and reducing the landfill bulge.

H. Derksen and Sons has taken the environmental lead with our new and unique Corporate Recycling Management Program. Not only do we sell paper and label products, we will initiate a program at your business to ensure that all recyclable material is captured and continue their life as recycled paper fiber, fuel pellets, or plastics. Even if you are not a current customer, you owe it to yourself to consider this timely and important service. When you are considering the opportunities of recycling, please, give a thought to a complete recycling program, not just paper. The H. Derksen and Sons Company can be your recycling resource today, and tomorrow.

Your company can ease the burden we all place on the environment by implementing a complete recycling program. It not only saves the environment, it saves you money.

We believe in the quote from Chief Seattle: "We did not inherit the Earth from our fathers, we are borrowing it from our children." That's the Derksen Difference!

For a free copy of our booklet "The Ten Step Guide To Paper Recycling", contact Derksen Printing Services at You can also call us at 800.775.6617.




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